While flood warnings are being downgraded in many at-risk southern Alberta communities, the Blood Reserve near Calgary remains under a state of emergency.

In a press release, the Blood Tribe Chief & Council said while the Oldman, St. Mary, Belly and Waterton rivers are receding, they remain dangerous and residents are advised to keep clear of them. 

As well, much of the water is not being absorbed into the ground, which is affecting many homes and residential roads.

The community is shifting into recovery mode despite the ongoing state of emergency.

However, two communities — Fish Creek and Lower Stand-off — are still under evacuation orders due to extensive power outages from downed power lines.

It's expected power will be restored in the next few days but residents will not be allowed to return until their homes are assessed for cleanup and health concerns.

They may be able to return home next week.

As of Saturday afternoon, the two main roads through Lower Stand-off and Fish Creek were still closed.

Staff at the Flood Reception Centre are making bottled water available as water trucks are not able to reach all residents.

The Red Cross is also focusing on distributing cleanup kits through the Centre.

The Blood Tribe, otherwise known as Kainai Nation, is the largest First Nation community in Canada.

About 12,000 members live in a community encircled by four rivers.