A hailstorm that swept through the Blackie area southeast of Calgary last week devastated some local farms, leaving insurance agents scrambling as dozens of farmers called to make claims.

Curtis Groeneveld, 18, lives on a farm just north of Blackie that was severely damaged by the storm.

Groeneveld and his father couldn’t believe that 800 acres of wheat on the farm were destroyed.

“When we first did the drive out after the hail, there were drifts of hail on the highway and then when we drove in here, our heart just dropped,” Groeneveld said. “It was just flattened. It was ridiculous.”

Groeneveld’s father timed the storm. It was only 11 minutes long — quick, but it was powerful.

“Even talking to my grandpa, [who is] 80-years-old, he said that this is one of the worst storms he had ever seen in his life,” Groeneveld said. “I haven’t seen anything close to this.”

For now, the family is working with what they have left.