A bear that was curled up and sleeping high in a tree in southwest Calgary has been captured by wildlife officials.

Police were called to Bay Shore Road S.W., which backs onto the Glenmore Reservoir, early Friday morning.

The three-year-old black bear was at the top of a tree in Quinton Molnar's backyard in Bayview.

"He spent most of the morning on the side closest to the house, and once Fish and Wildlife showed up that's when he kind of turned to this side," he said. 

Calgary district Alberta Fish and Wildlife officer Len Lupyczuk shot the bear with two tranquilizing darts at about 10:30 a.m. MT.

"He was metabolizing the drug quite fast and he wasn't going down the way we'd like him. So I put another dart into him," he said. 

'He had a nice landing on some bark'

“We were going to push him out of the tree but then he was kind enough to release his grip and slowly rolled out of the tree,” he said.  “He had a nice landing on some bark.”

Officials then tagged the bear's ear so it can be monitored and loaded it into a cage to take it away.

Lupyczuk said they will try to find a relocation site with few people around since the bear seems to be somewhat habituated to humans.

He said the animal was likely in the city looking for food.

"He’s doing what bears do — trying to get some fat on him before the winter hits hard.”

Coun. Diane Colley-Urquhart, who lives in the area, told CBC’s The Eyeopener that the animal had been curled up and appeared to be sleeping in a big spruce tree just a few metres from her yard.

The sleepy bear caused a major commotion, the Ward 13 councillor said.

 “This is a full-court press here,” she said. “We have four police cars, we have CBC of course," she said.

Officials have said they have been getting increased reports of bears and bobcats showing up inside the city since the snowstorm.

Google Maps: Exact location of bear capture in southwest Calgary