Researchers at the University of Alberta are trying to find ways to prevent birds from flying into windows and being killed by the millions every year.

Their project, called Birds and Windows, has 800 people collecting information about bird collisions at their homes. Researchers say 90 per cent of birds' collisions with windows happen in residential areas and they hope the study will provide some solutions

"The majority of previous studies just focused on those big [downtown] buildings because they thought that was the problem," said University of Alberta biologist Justine Kummer, adding there are lots of little things homeowners can do to make a difference.

"Not some big drastic changes — move your birdfeeder, try and install this type of window versus that, and just think of small things that you can hopefully do at your house."

Kummer says there's still time to sign up for the project.

Birds and Windows will keep running until next fall.