New bikes lanes have been painted onto 10th Street in northwest Calgary.

CALGARY The dedicated bicycle-only routes, a pilot project approved by council earlier this year, extend from 23rd Avenue to Fifth Avenue N.W. heading into the downtown core.

In some sections, four lanes have been reduced to three to make way for cyclists. But vehicle traffic won’t be adversely affected, said Sean Somers, a spokesman for the Calgary roads department. 

"In terms of traffic flow, ultimately, once we get all the lanes and the signals' timing finalized it should be free flowing as it was before. There isn’t enough traffic volumes on that road to really get things out of whack," he said.


Dedicated bike lanes have been added to 10th Street N.W. on a trial basis. (CBC)

Designated bike lanes were recommended as part of a broader cycling strategy which council passed earlier this year.

"We do want to act on what council has said is a priority and that’s to serve cyclists by providing more facilities for them," said Blanka Bracic, a transportation engineer with the city.

The city plans to assess the pilot project next spring and host public consultations to explore how the bike lanes might be improved.