A new bike lane created last year in Calgary’s core is confusing and dangerous, according to one critic.


Officers patrol the bike lane on 10th Avenue S.W. (Scott Dippel/CBC)

The lane on 10th Avenue S.W. is reserved for bicycles during rush hours, but many motorists aren’t clear on the rules or are just ignoring them, said Const. Kevin Bubis.

"If we're finding that's it's merely an education scenario, we'll explain in a not too time consuming way so we're not bogging down the lane and we'll let them on their way," he said.

Sean Carter, who owns BikeBike, a nearby cycle shop, says the experimental lane has been a failure.

"I don't think that allowing cars to be in a bicycle lane at one time of the day and not at another time of the day is going to work, long term. It's just going to create more confusion and dangerous situations for the cyclists," he said.

City officials say the lane is a pilot project and its use will continue to be monitored.