For better or for worse, Alberta remains defined by the energy sector. But does it always have to be?

In a special series, CBC's The Exchange looks at manufacturing, media and tourism to explore how the province is meeting the challenges of opportunities of moving Beyond Oil.

A history of boom and bust

Boom, bust, boom, bust. 

It's a well known cycle, and something that experts have cautioned against for decades.

To begin our series, we begin with a historical perspective on Alberta's past attempts to diversify Alberta's economy. 

Beyond Oil: Alberta's energy history6:57


Alberta is known for oil and gas, but manufacturing? Not so much. 

Here's one new company that's making a name for itself. We've got the dirt on Dirtt.

Beyond Oil: Dirtt5:58


It's the kind of startup you might expect to find in New York or Silicon Valley.  

Patrick Lor was a founder of the massively successful company iStockphoto.

His newest venture, Dissolve, is headquartered in Calgary and specializes in stock video. 

Beyond Oil: Dissolve6:02


The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth attracts more than 1.3 million visitors each year, but if the province of Alberta wants to really increase tourism, it needs more. It's betting big on music.

Studio Bell, new home of the National Music Centre, will open its doors officially this summer during the Stampede.

For the moment, hundreds of people are working feverishly to finish construction.

Beyond Oil: National Music Centre5:33

Does it actually work?

University of Calgary economist Trevor Tombe lays out the economic perspective: does government intervention actually pay off?

Beyond Oil: Trevor Tombe10:34