A new program in Calgary is launching to help lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender immigrants.

Beyond Borders is run by Calgary Outlink, a local non-profit that has been working to create a healthy community for LGBT Calgarians for the past 30 years.

According to the website, the goal of the program is to help LGBT newcomers learn about their rights and make friends in a safe, open environment.

"Straight people who come here and go to all of these services, most of them I would say come with their families so they have a support system already built up," said Sambuddha Banerjee, one of the program organizers who moved from India eight months ago. "With queer people, they come here mostly just by themselves."

The program will offer discussion and support groups, and will also help provide immigration support.

It's also open to straight people who want to be allies and supporters of LGBT immigrants.

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