Princess Astrid of Belgium took a spin Friday on the first power-generating stationary bike installed at the Calgary International Airport.

"As head of the royal economic mission to Canada, Princess Astrid officially opened the WeWatt kiosk at the Calgary airport," said WeWatt in a release.

The "Climate Bike" hails from her home country and creates enough power to recharge electronic devices like cellphones and laptops, while allowing travel-weary passengers the chance to get their blood pumping.

"We're always looking for something a little different, something a little new for passengers traveling through," said Garth Atkinson, president and CEO of the Calgary Airport Authority.

"We actually saw it traveling through Brussels and we thought, you know, it's an interesting idea. It combines exercise, which people like me need, and charging, which is a big deal in an airport," 

According to the bike's creators, pedalling faster doesn't charge devices any quicker, and it works out to be about as fast as using a wall socket.