Bed bugs have been reported at Peter Coyle Place in southwest Calgary. (CBC)

A subsidized residence for homeless and hard-to-house seniors is dealing with a bed bug infestation in several rooms.

A worker at Peter Coyle Place in southwest Calgary says she hasn't seen proper pest control. However, a spokeswoman for Alberta Health disputes those allegations and says treatment is underway.

The worker, who CBC News has agreed not to name, said at least three rooms are affected and that those rooms are just wiped down by housekeepng staff.

"A client came up to me and handed me a bug. Freaked me right out," she said.

"They've put myself at risk along with 70 clients and probably a dozen other employees. That's wrong. Totally wrong and until they do you know all of us are all kind of creeped right out."

Treatment underway says Alberta Health

Provincial officials have responded to two complaints about Peter Coyle Place and the facility has brought in a pest control company, says an Alberta Health spokeswoman.

"The inspector who went in has thoroughly reviewed the past control records and spoken to the pest control company as well," said Lynne Navratil.

"They have done the treatment as per the prescribed or approved methodology by Alberta Health Services. So they have treated adjoining rooms as well. And the inspector has gone through thorough cleaning and disinfectant procedures with the staff there."

Navratil says this is the first complaint to Alberta Health at this seniors centre about bed bugs. Alberta Health does surprise spot checks during the year at these kinds of facilities, she added.