One day after a Bearspaw home worth millions of dollars was destroyed by fire, residents say the incident demonstrates why a local fire hall is strongly needed.

Crews from Rocky View County and Cochrane had to drive out to battle the fire.

Bearspaw fire damage

The home in Bearspaw west of Calgary was reduced to rubble after a fire on Tuesday. (Carla Beynon/CBC)

By the time they got there, the home was completely engulfed. Residents say they are eagerly awaiting the day when crews will be based in their community.

"I would hope that the new station opening up, they have good equipment, trained firefighters, people ready to go out right away," said Patti Naaykens, who lives on an acreage in Bearspaw. "Time is of the essence. You can't put out a big fire but you can put out a small fire."

Bearspaw doesn't have its own fire department but that is expected to change this summer.

The new community station had been set to open by August, but Rocky View County Fire Chief Randy Smith says they're hoping to have it open for June.

He says it hasn't been decided whether the hall will be staffed by full-time or volunteer firefighters.