Bear visits Calgary's southwest

A young male bear will be back in the woods Friday after a visit to southwest Calgary saw it come face to face with a local man walking his dog.

Local man walking his dog comes face to face with a bear

A young male bear will be back in the woods Friday after a visit to southwest Calgary.

Scott Bittner was walking his dog near the Earl Grey Golf Club around 9 p.m. Thursday night when suddenly the dog perked up and they came face to face with a bear.

Bittner said before he saw the bear he thought it might have been a rabbit, but once he realized what it was he retreated to his house and the bear scrambled up a tree.

"He didn’t go after him," Bittner said about his dog. "The bear was probably more spooked by us, and up the tree he went."

A few hours later, Fish and Wildlife officials had darted the tagged bear. It will be released into the bush west of Calgary later Friday.

As for Bittner and his dog’s close encounter, he said they are "holding out good".