In the wake of two fatal collisions in the past week, Calgary police say drivers and pedestrians must take more responsibility for their safety.

A toddler in a stroller who was hit by a car on Friday later died from her injuries. And on Sunday night a 65-year-old woman was killed after being struck while she was in a marked crosswalk.

People need to pay more attention, said Sgt. Ken Rutherford.

"Pedestrians need to be constantly evaluating things as they are crossing the road. When cars are approaching, slow down, look at the drivers, try and make eye contact to make sure they realize you're there," he said. 

Rutherford said it's even more frustrating when pedestrians are crossing properly in a marked crosswalk and drivers still are not paying attention.

There have been 11 fatal collisions in Calgary this year. Three involved pedestrians and four involved alcohol.