A Bangladesh-born Calgary economics professor says the government in that country needs to bring in higher standards for the garment industry.

The comments come after more than 300 people were killed Wednesday when an eight-storey clothing factory collapsed in Dhaka.

An engineer had ordered it evacuated the day before, but was ignored.

Anupam Das, who now teaches economics at Mount Royal University, says the Bangladeshi government and the companies that buy clothes are answerable to consumers.

"Somehow or other a significant number of Canadians do buy products that are made in Bangladesh. And Bangladesh is just an example. I'm sure similar things are happening in many other developing countries that way."

Das says consumers could help bring in change by boycotting manufacturers that have poor labour standards.

Making clothes is a huge and growing industry in the country and more needs to be done for workers, says Das.

"The government should have a very strict monitoring system or a very strong policy about the working condition of the poor. I mean we do realize this is an important industry for us."