Only three of Sunshine Village's nine ski lifts were operating Wednesday, after staff members told CBC News about a dozen ski patrollers called in sick in protest against the firing of senior staffers and related safety concerns.

Only three of the nine ski lifts were open Wednesday at Sunshine Village.

The resort located west of Banff, Alta., reduced the lifts since they have only six active ski patrollers on the hill.

The other dozen or so patrollers have called in sick. Several staff members who called in contacted CBC News, saying they did it to call attention to safety concerns at the resort following the firing of several senior staffers.

Doug Firby, associate director of communications at Sunshine, confirmed some of what those workers were saying.

"There were several dismissals during the Christmas period," Firby said. "Those are personnel issues and the reasons behind that are not being publicly discussed, but we hadn't heard anything about the public safety concern."

Firby said Sunshine had enough staff on the hill Wednesday, adding that anyone with safety concerns should feel free to bring the issue up with Sunshine management.

He said he hopes the sick patrollers are feeling better and back at work on Thursday.

"We're taking them at their word on that," he said. "I mean the best thing would be for them to just talk directly to us about whatever issues might be on their mind."