Some residents living near a pedestrian bridge in Banff want the town to resolve a problem with a sewage smell coming from the area.

"It's definitely from the sewer," said Dwane Lepitzki, who lives north of the bridge.

Lepitzki says there are concealed sewage pipes under the new bridge that goes across the Bow River at the end of Muskrat Street.

"They need pumps to pump the sewer up before it can cross the bridge and periodically those pumps get clogged up causing a backup, which then creates a smell."

He says the problem is compounded by the large vacuum trucks the town has to send into the residential area to clean out the backed-up sewage.

Lepitzki says he knows of one neighbour who is suing the town over the issue for $2 million.

Town responds

Town manager Robert Earl says the problem has been addressed.

"We discovered that the system wasn't working as it was intended to do. There was a buildup of materials and so we moved those materials along and since that time have been proactively flushing and vacuuming the system," said Earl.

He says the town has not received a complaint since August.

Lepitzki says the town needs to come up with a permanent engineering solution, such as larger pumps that won't clog, instead of sending a vacuum truck every time there is a backup.