Parking in Banff will now cost visitors and residents, as the town tests out paid parking lots in popular areas as part of a new pilot project.

It's part of an overall plan to change driving habits of residents and increase turnover at the busy lots. However, many Banff residents are opposed to the plan and about 1,400 people have already signed a petition against the three-month trial.

"This is a national park," said Alanna Pettigrew with the group Banff Residents Against Paid Parking. "People come through the gates and they pay when they enter the park and then to expect them to come to one of our parking lots and pay again, it just doesn't seem appropriate for our community. It's not very welcoming, it's a disincentive for people to visit Banff."

Town council will also be collecting information to help determine occupancy rates, parking turnover and length of stay.

The charge is $2 per hour.