Banff officials call off search for problem cougar

The search for a problem cougar in the mountain town of Banff located west of Calgary has been called off a week after a man said he fended off an attack with his skateboard.

Week-long search initiated after man claimed he fought off a cougar with his skateboard

The search for a problem cougar in Banff has been called off.

Wardens have been searching the north end of the mountain town west of Calgary for a week since a man said he fended off a cougar attack with his skateboard.

Bill Hunt, the resource conservation manager for Parks Canada in Banff, says there's been no sign of the cougar and the animals can travel up to 500 square kilometres.

He says the north side of the townsite along both sides of the Canadian Pacific rail line between Norquay Road and the Compound Road has been reopened.

"Given the investigation we've conducted, there's no reason to keep the closure in place. There's no higher risk of running into a cougar there than anywhere else in the park," said Hunt.

He says bears and cougars are around and people should always take precautions, such as travelling in a group and staying alert.

"We have a lot of snow up high still, so both bears and cougars are frequenting the valley bottoms right now," said Hunt.