Pregnant women in the Rocky Mountain town of Banff will once again be able to have their babies at the local hospital.

The Mineral Springs Hospital stopped delivering babies in March because of a staff shortage. The move forced expectant mothers in the area to travel to Canmore to give birth.

The hospital announced Tuesday it will resume obstetric services on Aug. 10 after successfully recruiting nine new staff members. Two more nurses will soon return from maternity leave.

"With the increased staff we are able to fill vacancies and provide education and training in obstetrics for staff," said Cindy Mulherin, the hospital's executive director in a statement. "Having more nursing staff available for coverage has allowed us to send staff for training and workshops specifically geared toward safe, quality care for mothers and babies."

However, obstetrics services have not resumed in another Alberta community.

Expectant mothers in the Brooks region, south of Calgary, still have to travel to other cities to deliver because of a shortage of doctors in the Brooks 40-bed health centre. Women in the Brooks area can still get prenatal care, but have to travel to other communities to give birth.