Badly-beaten Turner Valley puppy recovering

A three-month-old puppy in Turner Valley, Alta., is on the mend after the border collie was brought into a nearby veterinarian's office with serious injuries.

Alberta community rallying behind dog named Lucky

Lucky, a three-month-old puppy, is recovering from three broken legs and a broken jaw before being available for adoption. (CBC)

A three-month-old puppy in Turner Valley, Alta., is on the mend after the border collie was brought into a nearby veterinarian's office with serious injuries.

Veterinarian Wayne Steiger has been overseeing the puppy's recovery. The puppy, named Lucky, had three broken legs and a broken jaw.

"To break these bones it would take severe and continuous stress," said Steiger, who has been in the business for 35 years. 

"You'd have to throw this dog across the room 10 feet as hard as you could to break a bone like that."

Steiger said he first saw the puppy when it was four weeks old for a broken bone.

Steiger said Alberta's Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and donations to the High Country SPCA have helped to pay for Lucky's treatment, but people in Turner Valley are also helping in any way they can.

Clinic phone ringing off the hook

Jill Aschacker works at the clinic and says the phone is ringing non-stop with residents wanting to send gifts or looking to adopt the puppy.

"I just want to see him go to a home where he's going to be loved," she said. "He needs it. He's a good dog and just wants to be loved."

Lucky will continue to recover before being adopted by a family.

The dog's former owner, 19-year-old William Goyette, faces animal cruelty charges and is set to appear in an Okotoks courtroom April 12.

Police say the puppy was punched, kicked and dropped from a five-metre-high flight of stairs in an attempt to toughen it up. RCMP Const. Andrew Cross says they made the arrest after speaking to witnesses.

"We took statements from two witnesses who actually observed this male injuring the dog intentionally," he said. "Based on the witnesses, based on the injuries to the dog, we laid a charge against this male."