Have you ever met someone with the exact same name as you?

The CBC's Alana Baker got that chance — and quite an honour — when parents Corrina and Leif Baker named their newborn daughter Alana after seeing the reporter on CBC Calgary's TV newscast.

"We liked the name Alana and then we were watching the news one night," explained Corrina.

"And we were like, 'Whoa, that must be a sign.'"

Baby Alana Baker joins sister Julia, 4, and brother Logan, 22 months.

She was born July 15, making her four-weeks-old. Along with Baker's parents, we here at CBC News figured that she was plenty old enough to follow in her elder's footsteps.

So Alana Baker, Sr. stepped aside to let her namesake try her hand at journalism.

"In this industry, there's always someone younger and cuter waiting to take your place," she laughed.

Our newsroom had a great time putting together a fun story about the new addition.

  • Check out these pictures and watch the video above to see what happens when a baby invades a newsroom.


Alana Baker, Sr. meets her very own Mini-Me. The diminutive Baker got to see what it was like to spend a day in her elder's shoes. (CBC)


Like most people on their first day at work, four-week-old Alana Baker struggled to take it all in. (CBC)


CBC Calgary supper hour newscast producer Tim Propp reads Alana Baker the riot act over her script. (CBC)


Assignment editor Tara Fedun attempts to calm the newsroom rookie down after asking the girl to get the scoop on an elusive interview subject. (CBC )


Baby Alana Baker works the cute angle and gets some quick shut eye, while she lets executive producer Brooks DeCillia take her calls. (CBC)


CBC Calgary supper hour TV news anchor Carla Beynon gives the new kid some advice on how to do hair and makeup before the girl's TV debut. (CBC)


Alana Baker takes a cue from the others and tries to look interested as reporters and producers drone on about their pitches and plan the news rollout at the daily story meeting. (CBC)


Alana Baker also got to see what the little Baker's days are like with her siblings Julia, left, and Logan. (CBC)