An Alberta wildlife rescue group says it wasn't able to locate the mother of a moose calf on a property in Bearspaw.

The Medicine River Wildlife Centre made another attempt to reunite a baby moose with its mom. The days-old calf was captured by police and city animal services after it was found wandering around Royal Oak on Tuesday.

A wildlife rescue team tried to reunite the mother and baby on Wednesday and Thursday.

Kathleen Mahoney, whose property was the site of the reunion attempt, said she had noticed a young moose and her calf outside her home a couple of days ago. She says the moose returned later without her calf.

Erin Kelly, the executive director of the wildlife group, said she was disappointed the reunion didn't happen. 

"Now we'll just move on to Plan B.... When this kind of reunion does work it's exhilarating to watch them go off together. But it's also really exhilarating to watch them go off with a new mom."

Kelly is encouraging people who have moose on their property to call the centre to see if they can make a new match.

Mom, calf moose

Kathleen Mahoney took this picture of the mom and moose calf in Bearspaw. She says it looks like the same calf found in Royal Oak. (CBC)