A baby moose that tried to get a taste of city life is now on its way to an Alberta wildlife centre.

The moose was running around the northwest community of Royal Oak Tuesday afternoon. 

There was no sign of the mother so police and city animal services officers captured the calf.

Carol Kelly, director of the Medicine River Wildlife Centre, believes the moose is just a day or two old.

"This animal I guess had been running for about an hour so its highly stressed," she said. "So stress is what we're going to be treating him for for the next few hours."

When the calf improves, they will try to find a female moose who will accept him, she said. 

"We will do our best to stabilize him and then get him out with a mom. And once he's out with a mom, he has every bit of a chance of survival as if he had been born to her."

The moose will be tracked with a transmitter for the rest of the year.