An American documentary producer is in Calgary to raise funds for a unique film project.

Six-time Emmy award winner Shawne Duperon says her film-in-the-making titled ‘Project Forgive’ is a collection of personal stories that focus on forgiveness.

"We're creating a movie on a movement of what it means to forgive, so it’s a conversation of forgiveness, what is it, what isn't it, how can someone forgive so quickly? How come it takes someone 40 years to forgive, that's the inquiry," Duperon said.

Duperon has partnered with Teresa de Grosbois, a Calgary author, to make the documentary that’s being filmed in various places around the globe, including Calgary and Banff.

On Saturday, more than 3,000 copies of de Grosbois children’s book ‘Presents Presents’ were donated at a fundraiser for the project.

So far, a five-minute video about the film has been produced, and has already gone viral on the internet.

The short video tells the story of a man who was able to forgive the drunk driver who killed his wife and two children. 

Duperon says they are currently in the middle of filming and hope to have the move out in about a year.