New figures released by the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) show average class sizes in local high schools are on the increase. 

Some schools have as many as 75 students in special classes such as instrumental music. A number of high schools report classes with more than 40 students in core subjects. 

The CBE says enrolment in its schools is up by 3, 631 students this year, an increase of 3.4 per cent across the system.


Average class sizes in Calgary high schools are on the increase, new CBE figures show. (CBC)

However, the board has only hired 34 new teachers to deal with the higher enrolment.

Two-thirds of the new enrolment is at the elementary level and the CBE says that is why it decided to concentrate provincial funding for class sizes at the kindergarten to Grade 3 level.

Outgoing CBE board chair Pat Cochrane told CBC there is too much emphasis on the issue of class size. 

"Parents like small class sizes. Research tells us that's not the best bang for the buck," she said.

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