Anyone heading into the backcountry this weekend is advised to take extreme caution after Avalanche Canada issued a special warning for the Kootenay-Boundary and the Lizard-Flathead region. 

There's a considerable risk in Alberta's Rocky Mountains and Glacier National Park has also issued a public warning.

James Floyer from the Canadian Avalanche Centre is advising people to stick to simple, low angle terrain. 

"If you're a skier, consider staying within the denser forest — and not being sucked out into more gladed areas where you might see clearings in the trees, that kind of thing," said Floyer.

A recent storm with heavy snowfall has created conditions where avalanches could be easily triggered by persistent weak layers.

"If you sort of imagine stacking dominos on end and then gently lay down a nice soft mattress, which is a snow cover that has fallen since then, then you imagine putting a skier on that or driving a snowmobile over that, and someone jumping up and down on that mattress, you can kind of imagine what can happen to that weak layer," said Floyer.

Everyone in the backcountry is also urged to wear an avalanche transceiver — and carry a probe and a shovel in their pack.

Up to date information on avalanche conditions can be found online at