The trial of former Calgary forensic psychiatrist accused of sexual assault will continue, despite delays and concerns over the availability of jury members.

Aubrey Levin, who is accused of sexually assaulting 10 male patients, fired his lawyer last week and began to represent himself. But he told the court he didn’t know how to cross-examine witnesses.

He now has a new lawyer, Chris Archer, who will take two weeks to review the evidence presented so far.

The judge asked the jurors Tuesday to write on a piece of paper whether they were willing to sit through the trial despite the delays. All of the jurors agreed to continue to stay on, which avoids a mistrial.

Court will resume Nov. 13.

Three videos were shown earlier in the trial from an alleged victim who recorded his appointments with Levin by wearing a spy cam wrist watch. The videos show Levin undoing the alleged victim’s pants and fondling him for more than 10 minutes.

Most of the alleged victims had a criminal record and were on medication at the time they met with Levin as part of a court order.