The Calgary fire department says an early morning fire is a good reminder as to why people should have a smoke detector in the attic.

Crews were called to the 700 block of Brookpark Drive S.W. just after 4:30 a.m. MT Sunday. A man was asleep inside but woke up and was able to call for help.

"There's no smoke detector in most people's attics so in a case like this, had he not been woken by the noise or the sound of it, the fire could have spread rapidly through the building and there could have been a collapse or it could have been tragic," said Ernie Molineaux, battalion chief with Calgary's fire department.

Crews say the fire likely started outside in a recycling bin and then crawled up and into the attic.

The lone occupant was not injured.

A short time later, crews were called to a second fire just blocks away from the first.

The fire department says that fire likely started when a ground floor deck at the rear of the condominium caught fire.

Crews quickly put out the fire. Only the decking and siding were damaged.

No injuries were reported and fire crews say there is nothing linking the two fires.

Neither are believed to be suspicious.