ATCO crews shut down a gas line near Symons Valley Parkway and 14th Street northwest early Wednesday morning after it was ruptured by an excavator.

The line was struck at about 8 a.m., said fire department spokeswoman Carol Henke.

The smell wafted into the community of Coventry Hills, where some residents complained of feeling unwell.

"The wind direction and speed were helpful in dissipating the gas, thereby reducing risk to the people in the area," the city said in a release.

Fire department hazardous materials crews and EMS officials were called to the scene as a precaution.

It was determined there was no danger to the public and nearby residents were not required to leave their homes, Henke said.

"I first got notified by Facebook that there was a huge smell coming out of the house and yeah as soon I opened the door I could really smell it. I mean you would have thought it was next door it was so heavy," said Kristina Frost, who lives in the area.