The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team is investigating police chase Friday morning in Medicine involving two individuals and RCMP officers.

Police in Medicine Hat responded at 10:45 a.m. MT to a 911 hang up from a female in Crestwood who they say appeared to be in distress. When police arrived, they forced entry into the residence and found it empty.

From unspecified evidence in that residence, police say they believed the resident was at significant risk of harm and set up containment points across the city.

A suspect vehicle was located travelling westbound on the Trans-Canada Highway.

When the driver would not stop for police, officers began a vehicle pursuit because of safety concerns for the female passenger. 

RCMP took over the pursuit when the suspect vehicle continued westbound on the Trans-Canada Highway into their jurisdiction.

Medicine Hat police say a crash then took place that met the criteria for ASIRT investigation under Section 46.1 of the Police Act.

Medicine Hat police and RCMP are also conducting joint investigations into what happened but neither ASIRT officials, RCMP or the Medicine Hat Police Service are confirming whether the driver and female passenger were killed in the crash.

However, ASIRT is only called in to deal with incidents involving civilian death or injury that results from the actions of police.

Section 46.1(1)

According to Section 46.1 (1) of the Police Act, there chief of police shall as soon as practicable notify the commission and the Minister where:

  1. An incident occurs involving serious injury to or the death of any person that may have resulted from the actions of a police officer, or
  2. A complaint is made alleging that
    • serious injury to or the death of any person may have resulted from the actions of a police officer, or
    • there is any matter of a serious or sensitive nature related to the actions of a police officer

Source: Police Act (Province of Alberta)