Good news for the tenants at Art Central in downtown Calgary — the building's owners have decided not to close a Plus 15 until the end of the year.


Tenants at Art Central, which is going to be demolished to make way for a new skyscraper, were initially upset that the building's owner was going to close off a Plus 15 connection but that decision has since been reversed. (Art Central)

Some of the store owners in downtown Calgary had been told the Plus 15 into their building would be closed next Monday — cutting off a major source of business.

Rob Mabee — who owns Axis Contemporary Art in the building — says he's extremely relieved.

"The Plus-15 system here is really the life blood of this building," he said. "And it creates terrific traffic through the building and especially in our final months, cause most of us will be through here at the end of December."

Allied Properties, which owns the building at Seventh Avenue and Centre Street, said the pedway to the Hanover Building will eventually have to be closed in preparation for the building's demolition.

A new 58-storey, 750,000 square-foot tower called Telus Sky is planned for the site.

But shop owners will now get one last chance to cash in on the holiday rush.

Roxana Najar, who owns a gem store in Art Central, said most of her clientele comes through the Plus 15 walkway from the neighbouring buildings.

"Nobody likes to walk outside when it’s -30C to buy something," she said.