Caniggia Elva

Caniggia Elva, 17, is in England to try out for Arsenal F.C. (South West United Soccer Association)

A Calgary teenager is getting a kick at the can to make one of the world’s most prestigious soccer teams — England’s Arsenal F.C.

"Caniggia Elva is a special player,” says Ramon Mifflin, director of operations for Calgary's South West United Soccer Association.

Elva moved to Canada from St. Lucia five years ago to train with the club.

“Some players have speed, some players have skill. He has the mixture of both which makes for a very gifted player."

The 17-year-old — who has had a contract offer from a team based in Stuttgart, Germany, and interest from other European clubs — flew to London on Monday.

"I've seen talent like this in my home country of Peru, but you don't see athleticism like this every day,” said Elva.

"His skill set is better than Canadian great Owen Hargreaves at the same age."