A tense standoff in Red Deer between dozens of RCMP officers and several suspects holed-up in an apartment building ended after police forced their way into the barricaded Alberta residence.

The incident began around 2 a.m. MT on Tuesday after an armed robbery, police said.

RCMP tracked the suspects to the apartment building on Halman Crescent, where they barricaded themselves inside.

The RCMP Emergency Response Team was dispatched from Calgary to assist.

Homes in the immediate area were evacuated.

Kalon Sather and his family were among those forced to leave. He said he just moved to the home after crime forced him from his last neighbourhood.

"We moved up here figuring it would be a little bit safer," said Sather. "Now we've got this in the morning, so we're probably going to be looking to find a different place to live."

Over the course of the morning, several of the suspects gave themselves up but some refused to come out.

There were no injuries as police stormed the front doors to end the standoff.

"We just take the people out of the residence, they will be interviewed and asked questions and they will be able to give us more insight into exactly what happened," said RCMP Cpl. Sarah Knelsen.