Arbour Lake house fire at former grow-op has arson unit investigating

The Arbour Lake home destroyed by fire Sunday night was shuttered 15 months ago after police discovered it was a marijuana grow-op.

Investigators looking for any photos or video from the scene taken before fire crews arrived

Investigators from the arson unit are on scene at a suspicious house fire in Arbour Lake. (Evelyne Asselyn/CBC)

The Arbour Lake home destroyed by fire Sunday night was shuttered 15 months ago after police discovered it was a marijuana grow-op.

Police and fire officials are treating it as suspicious and the arson unit is investigating what caused the fire at the empty home on Arbour Stone Close N.W. around 7:30 p.m. Sunday night.

Back in Oct. 2014, ALERT's green team and Alberta Health Services ordered the house be vacated and boarded up as it was deemed unfit for human habitation.

"The police came and took out a whole bunch of equipment and pot," said Vic Dukagjini, who lives a couple of doors down. "The house was boarded up, fenced in and abandoned."

Inside investigators found pots, soil, fans, lights, cutting tools and chemicals all believed to have been used as part of the grow-op.

The electrical and water systems had been tampered with, and mould was found throughout the house.

There was interior and structural damage as well, the kitchen stove had been removed and replaced with a burner hot plate.

The home destroyed by fire on Sunday was shuttered by police and Alberta Health Services in Oct. 2014 after it was discovered to be a grow-op (Evelyne Asselin/CBC)

The home was secured from unauthorized entry until repairs and renovations could be made.

Fire investigators have confirmed utilities had been disconnected to the home prior to the fire.

They're looking to the public for photos and video of the scene taken before crews arrived, specifically of any vehicles that were pulled over on the side of northbound Stoney Trail between Crowchild Trail and Country Hills Boulevard before 7:25 p.m.

Neighbours like Dukagjini hope they've seen the last of the drama on their street.

"The house has been an eyesore. It's pretty much a hazard," said Dukagjini. "I really hope they just tear the whole thing down."

A house fire erupted in the 100 block of Arbour Stone Close N.W. Calgary on Sunday. (@jbuke320/Twitter)