Calgary police say there have now been six deaths related to ecstasy mixed with paramethoxymethamphetamine (PMMA) in the city.

The medical examiner alerted Calgary police today that toxicology results confirm a 43-year-old man who died in his home in July had taken ecstasy laced with PMMA — a type of methamphetamine.

He was the first of six deaths in Calgary, with the last known overdose happening in December.

Staff Sgt. Mike Bossley says the batch of laced ecstasy (MDMA) is not likely from a single source, but they are similar.

"There is a common link in that we're seeing powder associated to the deaths that we are dealing with, so a powder form of the MDMA and PMMA," he said.

Bossley said the drugs associated with the overdoses also contain crystal meth and it's still not clear where they are coming from.

He said another death on the weekend may have been caused by the same mixture. Police will know for sure when the toxicology report is complete.