Officials at the Calgary Humane Society say more than a quarter of all dogs up for adoption online are pit bulls, or their cousins.

Barbara Walmer, head of behaviour at the Calgary Humane Society, says pit bulls — like some other breeds — do pose challenges.

"All dogs that are large, strong and are very energetic can cause a concern for us here at the Calgary Humane Society as far as getting them to be adopted because people aren't wanting to come in for a project necessarily," said Walmar. 

Natalie Kent, who runs a pit bull rescue operation in Lethbridge, Alta., says it's not easy being a pit bull owner.

"I've been called a bad mother for walking my kids with my dogs," Kent explained. "I've been yelled at that my dog should be muzzled — things like that. My own mother was scared to come into my home."

It seems the problem spans the country. In Halifax, for example, almost half the dogs up for adoption on its humane society website are pit bulls.