Animal cruelty protester regrets 'temporary insanity'

An Albertan charged with mischief after protesting outside an animal cruelty trial in Didsbury says the incident has turned his life upside down.

An Albertanchargedwith mischiefafter protesting outside an animal cruelty trial inDidsbury says theincident has turned his life upside down.

Denny Stabenow was among dozens ofshouting, jeering protestors who gathered ata court appearance in Novemberof a 19-year-old charged after a dog was found bleeding on a road, its muzzle and legs bound with duct tape and a tow rope around its neck.

Stabenowalsopounded ona minivanthat pickedupDaniel Haskettat the courthouse.

"I guess it was just a brief moment of temporary insanity. I'm not a hoodlum," Stabenow said Monday, when he made his own brief court appearance in the Didsbury court.

TheLabrador retriever-collie cross named Daisy Duke was found in October and had to beput down.

Haskett and a 17-year-old, who can't be named because of his age, were charged with injuring or endangering an animal and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. Haskettwas also charged with obstructing justice.

Chargekilled dreams of joining RCMP

Stabenow said he regrets taking part in the protest. He said he has always dreamed of becoming a policeofficer, but the RCMP is scrapping his application because of the mischief charge.

"I'm sure that the court, any punishment they give me, won't make me feel any worse that I already do," he said.

"After getting the news that I'm dismissed from the recruiting process, not much else matters."

Haskett'slawyer was also in court Monday, makinga not-guiltyplea on his client'sbehalf.