Residents of Inglewood say noisy train work has continued at the Alyth yard adjacent to their southeast Calgary neighbourhood despite a federal order for it to stop.

The Canadian Transportation Agency investigated after receiving numerous complaints about excessive noise at the marshalling yard. In August it ordered Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) to stop load testing and locomotive idling overnight at the location.

However, residents say nothing has changed.

"It's full throttle engine revving," said Jen Bysterveld, an Inglewood resident who launched the initial complaint against the yard. "It's like a jet plane."

The Inglewood Community Association says CPR is appealing the stop work order and the local councillor, Gian-Carlo Carra, says it may be that the company is just trying to get its plans in order.

"We've reached out to the CP Rail and they've told us there are going to be massive changes and the scale of those changes and extent are going to be determined fairly quickly," Carra said.

CPR told CBC News it is complying with the order and no locomotive work is being done between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

However, it also says Alyth remains a 24/7 rail yard.