An Alberta power company said it is taking steps to avoid more bird deaths around its power lines, but says some deaths are inevitable.

AltaLink confirmed Friday that the company found about 50 dead ducks underneath a transmission line in southern Alberta, just north of Pincher Creek.

The company said it would investigate reports of the deaths after a local bird lover and former scientist reported finding the ducks earlier this month.

“Our guys are investigating whether there was weather implications, like a heavy fog day and then the birds couldn’t see as good when they're flying,” said AltaLink CEO Dennis Frehlich.

“And maybe that’s why they collided.”

Frehlich said the company is putting up more reflectors to help birds see the wires. But because the company operates 12,000 kilometres of power lines in the province, Frehlich says some bird deaths are inevitable.

“You can’t mitigate everywhere. We’ve got a responsibility from the cost effect on this perspective, so we try to risk manage on the high risk areas.”

David McIntrye, who originally reporter the deaths, said he’s still worried about more deaths as the company continues to build transmission lines in the area.

“My gut feel is it’s a cosmetic thing that might make the problem go away for a day or be seen to go away by society. I think we have a far bigger problem here.”