A Calgary man accused of torturing and killing a dog and cat earlier this year in a horrific case of animal abuse will receive a 30-day psychiatric assessment.

Nicolino Ivano Camardi, 19, was arrested earlier this month at his family's home and faces charges of wilfully causing unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to an animal.

The Calgary Humane Society began investigating him in January when a starved, two-year-old Siberian husky was found dead with tape around its muzzle.

A nine-month-old dead kitten was found in the same area a week later with green painter's tape covering most of its face.

The preliminary investigation conducted by the Calgary Humane Society showed the animals had a history of traumatic physical injuries.

A reward fund to catch the person behind the killings raised more than $75,000.

The judge granted a joint request from the Crown and Camardi's defence lawyer for an assessment on whether he is fit to stand trial.

His lawyer wants him moved to a psychiatric facility as soon as possible over concerns about his safety at the Calgary Remand Centre.