Members of Calgary's Chinese community got a chance to voice their opinions on a proposed bylaw banning the sale of shark fins in the city at a town hall meeting held this weekend at the Chinese Cultural Centre.

Dozens of people attending the forum applauded when it was announced that Toronto's bylaw banning shark fin products has been overturned by an Ontario Superior court.

Two aldermen were invited to the forum organized by the Coalition for Transparent and Accountable Governance, a newly-formed group looking to raise awareness on issues important to the Chinese community.

Ald. Brian Pincott says the group was formed because the Chinese community felt they were not being heard on this issue

"They have a valid point there," he said. "This was brought forward to council, and ... we never really sat down directly with the Chinese community."


Two Calgary aldermen, John Mar and Brian Pincott, were asked to conduct a community consultation on the proposed shark fin ban bylaw and report back to city council in January for final approval. (CBC)

Ald. John Mar also attended Saturday's forum, and both will report back to city council next month on the proposed bylaw.