The Alberta government is asking the public what kind of transportation it wants to see over the next 50 years.

The province is holding a series of consultations across the province, asking people what their priorities are for Alberta’s roads, highways, airports and rail lines.

"It's a foundation for building our economy. It's a big part of our quality of life and before we make some long-term decisions we want to talk to Albertans about what they want,” said Alberta Transportation spokesperson Donna Babchishin.

Dozens of people gathered Wednesday night for one of 18 planned forums at a hotel in downtown Calgary.

Oil industry consultant Jim Brown said the province should enlarge Highway 16 so it can move heavy equipment from British Columbia to northern Alberta.

"It would benefit the energy sector by reducing costs and improving efficiency Prince Rupert to Fort McMurray would be virtually half the time,” he said.  

The province is also taking comments on its transportation website.