A spokesperson for Alberta's department of energy says the minister is not dragging his heels on a report about electricity rates.

On Wednesday, the Wildrose Party accused the government of delaying the results of a study into the volatile pricing of electricity in Alberta.

The committee handed over its recommendations in September.

"The minister just wants to make sure that when he responds to all 41 recommendations ... it's thoughtful and that it will help reduce volatility in the overall experience Albertans deal with electricity prices and with how they go up and down," said Mike Deising with Alberta Energy.

Deising says the government's response is coming soon but there is no specific date set.

But Joe Anglin of the Wildrose Party says deregulation of electricity has driven up the cost for consumers, not lowered it as the government promised at the time.

  • Watch the video above for more on the story from CBC reporter Alana Baker.