Albertans celebrate Liberal win in B.C. election

One of the organizers of a Calgary fundraiser for the B.C. Liberals earlier this year is pleased with the party's election victory on Tuesday.
Some people are saying the Liberal win in B.C. could be a good thing for Alberta. 2:31

One of the organizers of a Calgary fundraiser for the B.C. Liberals earlier this year is pleased with the party's election victory on Tuesday.

Rod Love says the Liberal win in B.C. will be good for Alberta's economy.

B.C. Liberal Leader Christy Clark waves to the crowd after she arrives on stage after winning the British Columbia provincial election in Vancouver on Tuesday. (Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press)

He says the premiers of B.C. and Alberta can now talk about pipelines without worrying about an election on their immediate horizon.

"With Christy Clark now getting a new mandate, I think we're able to have a smarter discussion about our common interest with respect to energy and getting product to market, particularly in the far east," said Love.

He says more than 130 companies were at this year's fundraiser in Calgary for the B.C. Liberals.

Love says that is a clear sign many Alberta businesses will be celebrating the Liberal win over B.C.'s New Democrats.

PIpeline talks in the future

Alberta Premier Alison Redford says she's looking forward to new talks on pipeline development with the re-elected Liberal government in B.C.

"We both want to ensure our economies are growing, that we’re creating jobs and that Western Canada will thrive for generations to come," the premier posted on her Facebook.

But Redford and Clark have clashed in the past over how to split costs and benefits from Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway pipeline to the West Coast. Clark also made it clear Wednesday that multiple conditions — including more money for B.C. — still stand.

But an Enbridge spokesperson says the company likes the election results.

"British Columbians are looking for a strong economy. They want the jobs, they want the social structure to have a vibrant life," said Janet Holder.

David Collyer, with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), says the B.C. Liberals have been quite supportive of oil and gas.

"There are issues, as there are in any jurisdiction, but I think when we look at it, this is a government we can work with, a government we have worked well with," he said.