The head of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees says cutting jobs while the province is growing, is not the best solution to the province's financial troubles.

Guy Smith was responding to Premier Alison Redford's televised speech delivered on Thursday night where she told Albertans the province faces a potential $6 billion shortfall in resource revenues.

Smith says all Albertans should be concerned about the potential threat to public service jobs.

"The front lines are already drowned in workload and the stress levels of front line workers has been increasing over time as the population increases, and the demand on services increases," said Smith.

Smith says Albertans could also be facing cuts to public services they rely on.

Opposition leader Danielle Smith says the government needs to get its spending under control.

The Alberta Liberals say there is room for the government to raise taxes for a more reliable source of money.

The premier will hold an economic summit next month before the budget is released on March 7.