Alberta signs job training deal with Ottawa

The government of Alberta has renewed an agreement with the federal government that will provide money for skills training to fill vacant jobs in the province.

Pact renews $57M deal for skills training to fill job vacancies

Alberta's Minister of Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour Thomas Lukaszuk reached agreement with his federal counterpart. (CBC)

The Alberta government has struck a deal in principle with Ottawa on more money and flexibility for job training.

Federal Employment Minister Jason Kenney and his Alberta counterpart Thomas Lukaszuk signed the deal at the provincial legislature.

The deal renews the existing Canada Job Fund that provides $57 million a year to Alberta to provide skills training.

But $23 million of that will now go toward the Canada Job Grant.

The grant is a cost-shared program between government and business to train people to fill specific job vacancies.

There are about 220,000 job openings in Canada, a quarter of  which are in Alberta.