The Alberta Securities Commission is taking a tougher stance on white-collar crime.

The regulator says it has begun taking serious cases of investor fraud to provincial court to seek more severe sanctions, like jail time. 

Last week, the regulator even took the unusual step of extraditing Douglas Schneider from California.

He and his associate Ken Fowler are accused of milking investors for close to $30 million.

A warrant is still out for Fowler's arrest.

One of the pair's alleged victims says he was defrauded of $100,000 and is pleased to see the Alberta Securities Commission cracking down.

"I think it's the right approach," said John Roberts. "Go after these people, and I just hope the justice system recognizes this and levies harsh penalties for these people when they're apprehended."

The regulator says getting tough is simply a matter of trying to deter more people from white-collar crime.

It says some cases deserve more than market bans or fines.