Alberta Environment will keep its river forecasting centre open 24/7 this long weekend.

That's because rain is forecast and also some rivers are rising. High stream flow advisories have been issued for several rivers in the Calgary area — including the Bow, the Elbow, Fish Creek, the Sheep and Highwood Rivers.

Alberta Environment spokesman Jamie Hanlon says the water levels will fluctuate — depending on the amount of rain.

“We don't want people to panic we want them to pay attention to what's going on. We want them to be aware of the situations, but we're right now nowhere in a position where these things are occurring although there is a potential to occur,” he said.

““Our river forecasting centre is going to be operational 24/7 So right now they'll be monitoring not only stream flow water level status in terms of whether its rising But they are also going to be paying attention to what is happening on the ground there with rainfall.”

A flood watch has been issued for the Little Red Deer River southwest of the city of Red Deer. The department suggests campers in that area keep an eye on the rain and river level.