The Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) says it is overwhelmed right now with the amount of animals needing medical help.

The groups says on Saturday alone it rescued two dogs and a cat that required extensive medical intervention.

One of the rescued dogs had a shattered femur that required amputation and bullets lodged throughout his body.

"Lenny was found emaciated, oozing infection from his face and unable to bear weight on his back leg," said the society in a release.

Deanna Thompson, executive director of AARCS, says how the six-month-old puppy survived is "beyond belief."

"Despite his condition, Lenny wagged his tail as he kissed his rescuers and veterinary staff upon examination," she said. "If he wasn’t going to give up, we couldn’t give up on him either.”

"These three animals tipped the organization’s current medical cases to over 50 currently in care," said the society in a release.

130 cases since January

The charitable group says its veterinary expenses now top $50,000 for one month.

AARCS has dealt with more than 130 since the beginning of January, of which 13 required surgery. 

In addition, AARCS is dealing with five cases of canine parvovirus and three cases of sarcoptic and  demodectic mange.

The organization also cares for more than 400 homeless animals in foster care and at their holding facility in northeast Calgary.

"As a no-kill rescue organization we feel these animals deserve the same treatment as any family pet," said Thompson. "They may be homeless now, but their injuries and illnesses are treatable and they need help."

For more information about the society, visit its website.