Alberta RCMP issue thousands of long-weekend speeding tickets

This past holiday weekend alone saw more than 70 drivers pulled over for going 50 kilometres or more above the limit

Police on highways during Heritage Day long weekend

The Trans-Canada Highway was busy Monday afternoon as people returned to Calgary. (CBC)

Alberta RCMP handed out thousands of tickets to speeding drivers this past long weekend.

Police handed out 3,458 speeding tickets. In addition to that, 71 charges were laid for speeding more than 50 kilometres over the posted speed limit. Another 51 tickets related to distracted driving, and 128 tickets related to seat belts were issued.

Cpl. Chris Little said speeding creates a danger for everyone on the highway and can cause a devastating collision.

"The other vehicles that are in the vicinity just cannot react or observe these vehicles that are travelling at great rates of speed. And the vehicles that are doing these types of speeds also certainly become oblivious to the certain traffic control devices that are on the roadways."

Anyone caught going as fast as 50 kilometres over the limit faces a mandatory court appearance and their punishment will depend on their past driving record, he said.